Friday, May 28, 2010


This uncertainty has been a blessing and a curse for as long as we have been a touring ensemble, one that has taken its show from Halifax to Chicago to Mexico City to Moscow. And this uncertainty has frustrated (and will continue to frustrate, I'm sure) girlfriends, wives,parents, fans, managers, label peeps, agents, bandmates, producers, video directors, and, lest we forget, the press - but they all stick around for some reason. Probably because everyone likes a good dramatic epic, playing out in the saga that is our lives... and maybe in the music.

We are friends first, then bandmates. That has always been our ethos, and is what allows us to keep our sanity. What we created together in Toronto is a most wonderful thing to be a part of. It can keep you up at night, but it will get your ass out of bed in the morning too.

Brendan Canning in This Book is Broken

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